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What our Clients Say..


Before starting my therapy with Lamgi, I was feeling very nervous and had frequent episodes of anxiety. 

Working with Lamgi, I learned to manage and to feel my emotions, I was able to understand where my anxiety was coming from, With the exercises and all the material, we worked on during the therapies my anxieties disappearance.
Now I feel more confident and calmer to face new challenges and challenges in my life. 

I recommend Lamgi as a professional and the work plan, she uses is excellent. In each session, I have been able to notice how my motivation improves and each time I have a deeper clarity of who I am, what I want and how I can meet my needs and my goals.


Carolina B, Product Designer

Lamgi is a very professional, sensitive, inspiring, and motivating person.
I want to describe the experience with a single word, enriching! 
She has helped me gain confidence by teaching me methods to understand my internal voice and reframe negative views.

Her therapy is very effective and based on exercises of intimate encounters with our mind and soul that have been so useful and fascinating to experience.  

I can only thank you once more for teaching me to love and trust myself, and I truly recommend this great adventure and healing experience!!


Natalia B, Physician

The sessions with Lamgi were both practical and educational, providing a tool-kit of resources for self-development; through them, I developed a clear understanding of my values, gained insight into those areas affecting my confidence and self-belief, and gave me good methods to reframe and change focus.


Now I focus on keeping working and looking after myself to become the best version of myself I can be. I am pleased every time we work together, and I can recommend it 100%. 

Thank you, Lamgi, for your excellent work!

Indira V, Business Woman

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Transformational Coach / Stress Management Coach /

Positive Mental Health Trainer / LTT Coach / NLP Coach

Lamgi Lora

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