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Hi, my name is Lamgi Lora, I'm a certified Life Coach with more than 5 years of experience in transformation and emotional intelligence with certification in NLP, Neuro Transformation, Positive Psychology, Cognitive Behaviour and Time Line Therapy.


I help to empower and encourage people to reconnect with themselves, it’s so great that you are curious about exploring your inner world to step into the best version of you to create a life of true meaning! This is a place where you can be vulnerable and authentically you, where your journey to self-discovery and self-love starts!


Transformational Coaching / Stress Management Coach 

Diploma of Neuro-Somatic Dynamics™ & Empowerment Coaching including:

Positive Mental Health Trainer / LTT Coach / NLP Coach / Positive Psychology / Cognitive Behaviour / Emotional Intelligence

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My Story

This journey started for me 7 years ago when I realised that this was not the life I wanted to have, but I didn’t know how to turn things around to make them work, so I started my personal development journey; that was a game-changer!!!

I understood my blind spots, my conditioning, and my own limiting beliefs that were holding me from having the life I wanted to have.


I uncovered the truth of who I really am and connected with my authentic self; I started hearing my needs and dreams, noticing what I would love to have more of in my life and what I’d like to change!


It also means allowing myself time space and professional guidance to heal the past and release negative patterns, breaking the cycles of negativity and feeling stuck.


Now I want to help women to have the life they deserve!


You can have a happy and fulfilling life; if you really want to, YOU can make it happen!!

Opening Door to Home Office

Send me a DM: "START" to learn more.

In the free 30-minute introductory discovery call, I'll be taking an in-depth look at your area of challenge, how you see it & if there are other factors at play.
Together we'll be getting you crystal clear on what it is you really want, discuss strategies you'll need to get there, & the possible preventions, blockages or resistances that may hold you back.

It is obligation-free and an opportunity to get you kickstarted in the direction of your journey to self-love.

Send me a DM with the word "More" to send you more info!

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