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Hi, my name is Lamgi Lora, a certified Life Coach with over 5 years of experience in transforming stress, anxiety, and boosting emotional intelligence. I've got certifications in NLP, Neuro-Transformation, Positive Psychology, Energy Psychology, Cognitive Behaviour, and Time Line Therapy.


I help to empower and encourage people to reconnect with themselves, it’s so great that you are curious about exploring your inner world to step into the best version of you to create a life of true meaning!


This is a place where you can be vulnerable and authentically you, where your journey to self-discovery and self-love starts!


Transformational Coaching / Stress Management Coach 

Diploma of Neuro-Somatic Dynamics™ & Empowerment Coaching including:

Positive Mental Health Trainer / LTT Coach / NLP Coach / Positive Psychology / Cognitive Behaviour / Emotional Intelligence

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My Story

Imagine for a moment a hamster on his wheel, running tirelessly, yet confined to the same loop that goes over and over again!


Isn't that true that at times our own lives resemble that very same wheel and we feel like doing the same over and over again?


We hustle we strive, but we find ourselves repeating the same cycles and struggles, leaving us feeling stuck, like an expectation in our own life.


  • Have you ever felt buried under your To-do lists and responsibilities with no time for yourself, living a life of overwhelm, taking care of everybody but ending up feeling unappreciated and constantly running on empty?


-Do you find yourself yelling at your kids and overreacting to life despite your best effort to stay calm and then you feel guilty and frustrated with yourself?


-Have you found yourself pushing away painful feelings, thoughts, or memories, numbing, avoiding your uncomfortable feelings, and many times not being able to express them at all?


-Do you find yourself going into doubt, perfectionism and people-pleasing, comparing yourself to others, feeling that no matter what you feel not good enough?


and with a lot of negative thoughts that stop you from sleeping well?


Me too…  10 years ago I found myself that despite having the career, the partner, and kids in a beautiful community I had the feeling that something was missing, I was feeling so unhappy, I was stressed, anxious, really exhausted!

And often wondered when life became so hard, I was feeling stuck, and no matter what I felt was not good enough, I would toss around in bed for hours not able to switch my brain off at night.

I knew that was not the life that I wanted, that I was meant for more!


...but I didn't know how to change it.


So that's when I went on a beautiful journey of healing.

I went on a journey to heal my inner child, who was extremely sad from my parent's divorce, with a wound of abandonment and rejection.

Through the timeline therapy, I cleared the negative emotions of anger, sadness, guilt and shame that I bottled up for decades and that were affecting the relationship with my husband and my children.


Trhu NLP I was able to rewire my thoughts, clearing all the limiting beliefs that were holding me back from having the life I want, which allow me to feel more connected and present with my family.

So I learned to love you the woman that I was seeing in the mirror, not for her doings, but because of who I am.


Now my mission is to provide a safe space to talk openly and to provide the skills and tools to empower people to get off the hamster wheel and create a life of love joy and balance they want.


You can have a happy and fulfilling life; if you really want to, YOU can make it happen!!

Opening Door to Home Office

Send me a DM: "START" to learn more.

In the free 30-minute introductory discovery call, I'll be taking an in-depth look at your area of challenge, how you see it & if there are other factors at play.
Together we'll be getting you crystal clear on what it is you really want, discuss strategies you'll need to get there, & the possible preventions, blockages or resistances that may hold you back.

It is obligation-free and an opportunity to get you kickstarted in the direction of your journey to self-love.

Send me a DM with the word "More" to send you more info!

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