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Hi, I'm Lamgi, a Stress, Anxiety and emotional intimacy Coach.

I help overworked professionals & business ownwers to break free their limitations and stress to be their best in control self to have a work-life balance!

"8 Tips To Manage Stress"
and "5 Tips to overcome Anxiety"  handbook

Extreme stress and anxiety have adverse health consequences that affect many of the bodily systems.

Unless you learn how to manage your stress, you will suffer mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Managing your stress and anxiety can take some practice, but it is possible!

Do you know that...

When stress sticks around for too long, it becomes chronic and begins to disrupt both mind and body. 

Stress is more than just feeling overwhelmed; it's our body's natural response to pressure. Picture it like a fire alarm going off inside us when we face challenges or demands.​This alarm triggers physical changes, like faster heart rate and shallow breathing, preparing us for action.


But when stress becomes constant, it can take a toll on our health, leading to headaches, anxiety, and even strained relationships.​Stress isn't just in your head; it's a full-body experience. Remember those sweaty palms on a first date or the racing heart during a scary movie? That's stress in action, a natural response that dates back to our ancestors facing predators.​


Today, it's not lions we're dodging, but deadlines, bills, and family responsibilities that keep our stress levels high. This constant pressure keeps our body's alarm system—known as the "fight or flight" response—on high alert.

Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present.                 
                                                                      Jim Rohn

Here is how I can help

My 3-step process for your personalized stress relief program

Work-life balance coaching isn't just about managing time better. It's about understanding what's causing your imbalance and making lasting changes.


By following this personalized approach—addressing the mind, emotions, and actions—you'll gain valuable insights, tools, and support to effectively manage stress, cultivate emotional resilience, and create a more balanced and fulfilling life.


Hey, I'm Lamgi!

Ready to tap into your innate brilliance and embrace a life filled with fulfillment and abundance? As your devoted Transformational and Emotional Intelligence Coach, I extend a warm invitation to embark on a journey of transformation with me.

I'm not only a business women and a coach but also a woman balancing multiple roles in life. I comprehend the intricacies of motherhood, partnership, familial ties, and friendship. It would be a privilege to offer you steadfast support along your path.

Common triggers of stress are:

  • Do you ever find yourself overwhelmed by a workload or responsibilities that seem too much to handle?

  • Do you experience persistent pressure to succeed, even when you doubt your abilities?

  • Are you often plagued by fears of failure, rejection, or not measuring up?

  • Have you ever felt ashamed or disappointed by a career or business decision that didn't go as planned?

  • Have you received negative feedback at work or lost significant business opportunities, causing stress?

  • Do you feel anxious about tasks in your business or role that you dislike or lack confidence in?

  • Do you ever feel a general sense of unfulfillment or uncertainty about your future?

  • Have you experienced impostor syndrome, where you fear being exposed as inadequate despite evidence of success?

Yachts in th Ocean

You have the power to change...

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says
I'm Possible!“–
Audrey Hepburn

Does this scenario ring a bell?

You're leading a hectic life, juggling tons of responsibilities between work, home, and family.

Success in your business is vital. It's your pride and joy, giving you a sense of accomplishment.

But trying to handle everything leaves you drained, stressed, and overwhelmed. You're constantly worried about meeting expectations and afraid of not being good enough.

You believe success requires relentless hard work, and any break might jeopardize what you've achieved.

Then there's the guilt. You feel guilty about neglecting loved ones and even guiltier when you take time for yourself.

But deep down, you don't feel like the superwoman everyone sees you as. Instead, you're overwhelmed, stressed, and struggling to find balance.

Fuelled by caffeine and fast food, you're on a treadmill, craving more time for yourself and your loved ones but not sure how to make it happen.

​I know how you feel.. and let me tell you:​



You can have the life you want free from the effects of stress & anxiety and enjoy a full life aligned with your purpose.

Walk on the Beach

if you’re looking to take control and get the life that you want, I am here to help you experience more love, joy, and better connections, to have a balanced, fulfilled and happy life.

Send me a DM with the word "More" to send you more info!

Our Clients Say

Before starting my therapies with Lamgi, I was feeling very nervous and had frequent episodes of anxiety. 
Working with Lamgi, I learned to manage and to feel my emotions, I was able to understand where my anxiety I was coming from. With the exercises and all the material, we worked on during the therapies my anxieties disappearance.
Now I feel more confident and calmer to face new challenges and challenges in my life. 
I recommend Lamgi as a professional and the work plan, she uses is excellent. In each session I have been able to notice how my motivation improves and each time I have a deeper clarity of who I am, what I want and how I can meet my needs and my goals.

Carolina B, Product Designer

95726186_1487055518140446_2150855162967621632_n (2).jpg

Lamgi is a very professional, sensitive, inspiring, and motivating person.
I want to describe the experience with a single word, enriching! 
She has helped me gain confidence by teaching me methods to understand my internal voice and reframe negative views.
Her therapy is very effective and based on exercises of intimate encounters with our mind and soul that have been so useful and fascinating to experience.  
I can only thank you once more for teaching me to love and trust myself, and I truly recommend this great adventure and healing experience!!

Natalia B,  Physician

indi (2).jpg

The sessions with Lamgi were both practical and educational, providing a tool-kit of resources for self-development; through them, I developed a clear understanding of my values, gained insight into those areas affecting my confidence and self-belief, and gave me good methods to reframe and change focus. Now I focus on keeping working and looking after myself to become the best version of myself I can be.
I am pleased every time we work together, and I can recommend it 100%. 
Thank you, Lamgi, for your excellent work!

Indira V, Bussiness Women


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